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Pipeline Safety and Public Awareness

Pipelines are the safest, most environmentally friendly way to move refined petroleum products to their final destination. MIPC, LLC follows, and often exceeds the highest safety standards and industry best practices. We monitor our pipelines 24/7/365 and regularly clean and inspect them, and our General Manager oversees operations to ensure that we are in compliance with all applicable regulations. As a result, we are proud to say that our safety record remains in the top tier in our industry. Our goal is to maintain zero incidents.

We go the extra mile to maintain the safety and integrity of our pipelines:

  • We monitor the system 24 hours a day
  • Our crews patrol and inspect the pipelines three times a month
  • We oversee a third-party smart PIG (pipeline inspection gauge) inspection every five years to identify any signs of corrosion or weakness. Think of this as an MRI of the pipeline.
  • We regularly send cleaning pigs through the lines
  • We belong to several industry safety organizations, including:
  • We have an Emergency Spill Response Plan that we share with local emergency responders

What you can do to increase safety:

  • Call 811 before digging near a pipeline right of way
  • Keep MIPC’s contact information handy: 610-485-3709 • 855-666-6763
  • Immediately report any unusual or suspicious activities near the pipeline right-of-way or pipeline facility to MIPC or local law enforcement

Learn more about pipeline safety at MIPC; download our MIPC Safety Brochure »

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920 Cherry Tree Road
Aston, Pennsylvania 19014

Emergency MSDS needs:
Contact ChemTrec — 800-424-9300

Non-Emergency MSDS Requests: trnsafetygroup@monroe-energy.com

Report suspicious activity near the pipeline:  855-666-6763

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